23-28 August 2010


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In August 2010 Pécs is the capital of puppeteers for 1 week!
Around 100 companies from 30 countries performed and the showed the variability and virtuosity of puppet arts to the audience During the International Adult Puppet Festival's history.
Our festival is among the Pécs2010- European Capital of Culture's program series this year so we could put one of the Pécser festival histories most richest and various program together. Small and big puppets, rousing and thought-provoking performances invite the audience into our city, to the squares, outdoor stages.
Among the 6 gala performances we will find real specialty (water puppetry) and present-day's modern performances. 6 foreign- and 8 Hungarian companies will fight in the competition program for the awards and for the audience's appreciation until the outdoor-, fair drollery performances give a taste of the European traditional puppetry.
We hope that László Vitéz and his friends will seduce You to one puppet performance, puppet exhibition that we can live trough our unlimited fantasy!

Gábor Sramó
Festival director

Selected from more than sixty productions, the competitive programme of the 15th Puppetry Festival is extremely high in quality.
It was not aesthetic perfection that attracted me the most; that is, I was not seeking out the most refined, polished productions, but rather those with most character: the exploitation of puppets, the roles and presence of the puppet(ry) in the performance, the relationship between puppet and puppeteer and, with respect to visual and acoustic creativity, agents of intellectual and sensual excitement.
The six foreign and eight Hungarian productions create new experiences from a number of aspects and rise above the many exciting other productions, all of which betray no little investment in energy.
Moreover, each has been formed with an eye to an adult or at least juvenile audience.
No children's performances have entered the programme, although there were among the aforesaid some performances that were memorable for adults.
And naturally I can only draw from those performances which have been nominated; that is, it is in vain that a performance has come into my field of vision that I might have liked to see in the programme if it has not been nominated.
A last factor is whether a performance from among those selected can fit into the spaces available, which can be financed, and whether the particular demands of a performance can be satisfied by the Festival organisation.
However, these difficulties naturally accompany every selection and festival organisation.
That we have overcome them anyone can find proof by leafing through this leaflet.
You will see that the performances of the competitive programme of the 15th Pécs Adult Puppetry Festival promise with their variety an event that brings attention to itself not only at the level of names and titles, but which are capable of transforming into true theatrical experiences in community culture.

Árpád Kékesi Kun

Hungarian UNIMA Centre
Association of Hungarian Puppeteers

International Festival Fund for Puppet- and Street Theaters
Bunraku Nonprofit Ltd.
Bóbita Puppet Theatre

Address of the festival office:
7621 Pécs, Mária u. 18.
Telefon: +36/72- 210-301
Fax: +36/72- 211-791

Zsanett Maglódi - Festival secretary
Gábor Sramó- Festival director

Ticket prizes:
Ticket: 1000 Ft
Tickets for professionals: 300 Ft

Members of the international jury:
Henryk Jurkowski (Poland)
Stanislav Doubrava (Chech Republik)
Tamás Ascher
Kata Csató
Mária Harangi
Kata Kisó Palocsay (Romania)
Balázs Kovalik
István L. Sándor

Scenes of performances:
Bóbita Puppet Theatre (Mária u. 18.)
National Theatre of Pécs, Chamber Hall (Perczel u. 17.)
Trafik Restaurant (Perczel u. 22.)
Minerva Park (Felsőmalom u. 3.)
Icerink of Pécs (Veress Endre u. 3.)
Culture Garden (Alkotmány u. 8.)
Theatre Square
Széchenyi Square

Small Gallery of Pécs (Szent István tér. 4.)
Parti Gallery (Mária u. 1.)

Venue and time of professional meetings:
House of Arts and Literature (Széchenyi tér 8.)
Between the 24-28th of August, 10:00AM- 12:30PM

Fesival Opening Ceremony:
23 August, 16:00PM - Széchenyi Square (it will be cancelled in case of rain)

Festival Closing Ceremony:
28 August, 14:00PM - Bóbita Puppet Theatre: evaluation, awards





14th International Puppet Theatre Festival of Pécs

During the 5 days of the festival there were 22 performances by 19 theatres of 6 countries in 4 venues (about 250 performers and guests). Apart from the performances you could see 2 exhibitions and enjoy 2 concerts during the festival.

The programmes - of which one of the exhibitions is still on - have been seen by 9 to 10 thousand people. We were happy to find that many Hungarian and foreign tourists took part in the programmes of the festival.

The seven members of the international jury gave the following awards

  • UNIMA Grand Diploma - best performance: Alfa Theatre -  "The Three Musketeers"  (Plzen - Czech Republic)
  • UNIMA Grand Diploma - best direction: Mona Chirila - "The Magician and the Crow" (Puck Puppet Theatre of Kolozsvár  - Romania)
  • UNIMA Small Diploma - mots virtuoso movements: Purgateátrum - "The Punches' Christmas" (Budapest) director: Géza Kovács, performers: Kata Csató, Károly Szívós
  • UNIMA Small Diploma - best design and scenography: Ciróka Puppet Theatre - "The Story of the Blue-dressed Girl" (Kecskemét) director: Rita Bartal Kiss,  design: Mari Horváth, scenography, film: Péter Sisak
  • A special award was given by the Hungarian Puppeteers' Union to Gábor Tengely director.